Inca's, Amazonia and the Galapagos, 2007

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The Zig Zag is the route the bus takes, there is a direct route if you want to hike it.

The Main Entrance if you've just finished the Inka Trail.

Sundial, Tells you the day and month not the hour

In the Hazel Vs Steps battle, the steps win

Last view, before we leave. It's a eerie and magical place.

Inca Sacrafice and Burial Site

A Snake, More obvious than the Condor before

And a Puma, well, it does look like one with the shadows on one day a year..

Statue of Christ overlooking Cusco

The Temple of the Sun

Inca stonework in the temple

Puerto Maldonado, in the Amazon Jungle.

But Coke gets everywhere

On the way to the Jungle Lodge

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